Как поставить в правильную степень глагол ? посчитайте с заданием5. Our house is less (modern) than yours.6. Celine Dion is very (famous).7. They are as (rich) as the Browns.8. The Danube is the (beautiful) river in Europe.9. Mary's dress is (expensive) than Diana's.10. Asia is the (large) continent in the world.


Объяснение:."He is a good architect. Nobody can offer a better project", remarks the boss.

2."I asked the manager some questions on construction works", said Peter.

3.The engineer pointed out to the workers, "Only the best de­ vices can be used here".

4.The students said, "It is not easy to study such subject as architecture."

5.He said to us, "Don't use this cement. It is not of a good quality".

6.He said to the students, "Almost everyone saw the construc­ tion of a building".

7.Our contractor promised, "I'll undertake all my endeavors to supply equipment".

8.My friend asked me, "What natural stones do you know?"

9.The guide told us, "This city is famous for its cement industry".

10.The manager wondered, "Are you specialized in civil engi­ neering?"


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