1. He arrived at the office before the others so that/in case he could start work early. 2. These tools are for/to mending my car. 3. She went shopping not to/so as not to be short of food. 4. He took a sandwich so that/ in case he got hungry. 5. I’ll give you my phone number in order that/in case you need any information. 6. He speaks French so that/in case they can understand him. 7. She worked hard so that/for she could go to university. 8. She is saving money to/ so that she can go on holiday. 9. Shall we book a table if/ in case the restaurant is busy? 10. My mother gives me piano lessons so that/ in case I can become a musician. 11. He left early in case/for fear he might miss the train. 12. My father works hard not to/in order not to lose his job. 13. They caught a taxi to/so that go to the station. 14. I’ll give you my address in case/sothat you want to write to me. 15. The little boy hid for fear of/ in order not being punished. 16. I’ll take my gloves so that/in case my hands get cold.


."He is a good architect. Nobody can offer a better project", remarks the boss.

2."I asked the manager some questions on construction works", said Peter.

3.The engineer pointed out to the workers, "Only the best de­ vices can be used here".

4.The students said, "It is not easy to study such subject as architecture."

5.He said to us, "Don't use this cement. It is not of a good quality".

6.He said to the students, "Almost everyone saw the construc­ tion of a building".  

7.Our contractor promised, "I'll undertake all my endeavors to supply equipment".

8.My friend asked me, "What natural stones do you know?"

9.The guide told us, "This city is famous for its cement industry".

10.The manager wondered, "Are you specialized in civil engi­ neering?"


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