I задание Прочитайте текст и посчитайте, к какой категории относится каждый глагол ( обычный, неправильныйIt was my 15th birthday, and I asked my parents to throw a big party in our backyard at the weekends. They agreed and promised to help with the snacks and drinks. I was so excited and couldn't wait for the party On the day of the party, everything was ready. The backyard was decorated with balloons and ribbons. Tasty snacks such as pizzas, sandwiches, chips and popcorn were on the table. My parents bought a lot of drinks like lemonade and coke. They also made different mocktails*. My friends got invitations a week before the event, and I was waiting for them.Suddenly, a neighbour's dog, Joy, ran to the backyard and started to chase our cat, Sammy. Sammy jumped on the table and turned all the plates and drinks over. He wanted to climb the tree, but missed and scratched the balloons, which popped with a loud sound. I thought the party was ruined But when my friends came, they quickly helped to clean everything up, and my parents ordered new snacks and drinks.*mocktail — a mixed drink usually made of lemonade, soda, various fruit and syrupsRegular (правильные глаголы) Irregular (неправильные)


R - regular I - irregular

Ask - I

Throw - I

Agree - R

Promise - R

Help - R

Wait - R

Decorate - R

Buy - I

Make - I

Get - I

Run - I

Start - R

Chase - R

Jump - R

Turn - R

Want - R

Climb - R

Scratch - R

Pop - R

Think - I

Come - I

Clean - R

Order - R

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