Complete the sentences with a gerund or an infinitive form of the given verbs1 I'd like (build) my own PC and prove to my parents that I'm smart.2 He can't stand (wash) the floor when his mother asks him to help with the housework3 When I see some biscuits on the table, I can't help (eat) all of them at once.4 Kevin generally spends three hours a day (play) computer games.5 Sarah isn't very good at (remember) dates of her friends' birthdays.6 I don't mind (sleep) on the couch or on the floor when my friends invite me to a sleepover.7 I hate (be) late for class.8 After a long working day, my mum doesn't usually feel like (help) me with my homework.9 My brother doesn't let me (take) his electric guitar while he's away.10 I'm so sorry, I didn't mean (offend) you


1 to build

2 washing

3 eating

4 playing

5 remembering

6 sleeping

7 being

8 helping

9 take

10 to offend

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