1) Надо прослушать аудио и написать всё с аудио.2) Прослушать аудио и сделать 2 задания.1) Which of these sports are mentioned?cycling, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing,sailing, scuba-diving, skydiving, surfind2) Answer the questions 1. What record did Eric Barone break?2. What did he cycle over?3. How old was Laura Dekker when she finished sailing around the world?4. Has anyone younger beaten her record?5. Where were the teenage Everest climbers from?6. According to the presenter, which person has themost votes?



Skydiving and cycling were mentioned.


  1. Eric Barone broke his own record.
  2. He cycled over a volcane.
  3. Laura Dekker finished sailing around the world when she was 16.
  4. No, nobody has beaten her record.
  5. The teenage Everest climbers were from America and India.
  6. According to the presenter, Garrett McNamara has the  most votes.
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