переписать предложения в Present Perfect 1.The student are writing a dictation 2.My friend is helping 3.I am learning a poem 4.Good manners are going out of fashion 5.Kate is watching the news 6.The water is putting a bottle of lemonade in front of him 7.I am eating my breakfast 8.We are drinking water 9.He is bringing them some meat and vegetables 10.You are putting the dishes on the table ПРОШУ ​


1. The pupils have writen a dictation. 2. My friend has helped me to solve a difficult problem. 3. I have learnt a poem. 4. Good manners have gone out of fashion. 5. Kate has watched the news. 6. The waiter has put a bottle of lemonade in front of him. 7. I have eaten my breakfast. 8. We have drunk water. 9. He has brought them some meat and vegetables. 10. You have put the dishes on the table. 11. They have had tea. 12. She has taken the dirty plates from the table 13. The children have put on their coats. 14. Susan has made a new dress for her birthday party. 15. She has opened box of chocolates. 16. I have bought milk for milk shakes. 17. James has ordered a bottle of apple 18. We have bought a CD player and some CDs with good music. 19. Have you watched the news or favourite film? 20 I have translated a difficult from German into Russian 21. She has told the truth. 22. The baby has learnt to walk.

лол я не знаю правильно или нет. и тут не тот порядок сори

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