Нужно написать текст В котором Вы планируете поездку в Париж. Ваш друг недавно останавливался там в отеле и остался очень доволен. Напишите электронное письмо другу с просьбой предоставить дополнительную информацию об отеле. Должно быть 80-100 слов... пж


Dear Alia,

Thanks for your letter. It looks like you're having a nice time! Unfortunately, I don't go out often now. My finals are coming, and I'm reading for them very hard.

As for my favorite place here, in Kazan, I like the Kremlin in the center of the city with the famous Qolsharif mosque and ancient cathedrals. The territory of the Kremlin is big and you can walk there enjoying the beautiful place. There are big restaurants and small cafes not far from the Kremlin where my friends and I usually get together. We especially like the small coffeehouse in May 1st Square.

Now tell me about your new e-book reader. Is it convenient to use? What brand have you got? How many a-books can be uploaded to it?

Write back soon!



Я так написала правильно

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