посчитайте с письмом по английскому You have received a letter from your English-speaking friend, Anna.I’ve just enrolled in an archery class. I hope it’ll be interesting.Do you like sports? What kind of free-time activities do you go in for? What sports are teenagers in your country interested in most of all? Why?By the way, next week I’m going to the theatre…Write a letter to Anna and remember to:- answer her questions- ask 3 questions about the theatreWrite 100-140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing. You have 30 minutes.





Dear Anna,

Thanks for your letter.It was great to hear from you again.Sorry,i havent answered earlier,but i was busy with my homework.Hope you enjoyed an archery.

As for me,i very like sports because its cool.By the way i play basketball with my friends in my free time.Anyway,football is popular in my country.And i dont know why.I think basketball it very interesting!

And what about you?How did you go to the theater?Do you like musicals or ballets?

Id better go now,as my mommy wants to me help with dinner.

Best wishes,

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