Чем занимаются подростки в свободное время? на английском



Most children of our age cannot properly organize their free time. A significant part of such adolescents wander the streets aimlessly and, without noticing it, become underage vagrants. This is a terrible phenomenon. And also a common phenomenon of "constant gatherings at the computer and TV"! Which of course is harmful to our health. But young people of the 21st century do not chase after what will benefit our health and head. Now it is fashionable to sit at the computer while spending time in internet. Instead, you could read an interesting book, study additional school material, or just do something that really interests you! I think that every normal teenager should have his own hobby. For example, my hobby is drawing! And I think that people think that a computer is his hobby will soon begin to degrade!


По моему мнению это нормальный произведение

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