Make-up a dialogue "in the office"

Ragu : Hello friend, Good Morning.

Mohan : Hello Ragu, Good Morning. How are you?

Ragu : Fine. O.K. Has our Boss come?

Mohan : Yes. Yes he has come earlier today.

Ragu : Did he ask anything about me? I missed the bus, hence late.

Mohan : Yes. He asked if you had not come also asked me to tell you to meet him.

Ragu : Alright friend, what about Vasanthi? Her sear is vacant.

Mohan : She has gone to the accounts section.

Ragu : What for?

Mohan : To see whether she is eligible for House loan.

Ragu : Poor woman she is suffering like anything. Why?

Mohan : She ought not to have had such a huge family.

Ragu : Has she not undergone family planning?

Mohan : My meaning is not that. She has her sister’s children to support with.

Ragu : How are you?

Mohan : Fine thank you. But I am not peaceful nowadays.

Ragu : Why haven’t you found out a way to escape from paying the interest?

Mohan : No. The lenders are not soft hearted.

Ragu : It is a pity that our colleagues themselves do not have such tendency.

Mohan : Neither we should lend nor we should borrow.

Ragu : But we can help them at times without interest.

Mohan : That is right. We must prove “Friend in need is a friend indeed".

Ragu : What man where had you been?

Mohan : I am coming from Boss’s room.

Ragu : What is our Boss doing now?

Mohan : He is talking with the manager.

Ragu : Yes. Sir, they are also giving gifts to the workers.

Mohan : Though our Boss is strict, he is very kind.

Ragu : That is why there is no labour problem in our company.

Mohan : That is why the business is flourishing.

Ragu : Yes. There is no delay on export clearance too.

Mohan : Don’t you know that our Boss was also once a worker.

Ragu : Hence he knows well, the agonies and anxieties of the workers.

Mohan : Let God give him long life. Bye.
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