Ответить на вопросы (30поинтов)1. do you agree with the saying "health is the greatest wealth"?2. the doctor recommended his patient to follow the rule: "eat at pleasure, drink with measure and enjoy life as it is." what do you think of this piece of advice?3. when were you last ill? what did you complain of?4. did you see the doctor?5. did you have to stay in bed?6. what treatment did the doctor prescribe?7. how long did it take you to get well?8. have you ever had complications after a disease? which did you take harder, the disease itself or the complications after it?9. what do you usually do when you have a headache?10. how often do you go to the dentist to check your teeth?11. how long does it usually take you to recover from cold?12. have you ever been operated on? was it serious?


1. yes,i do. health- is the most important thing in our life.

2. i think that this advice is pretty good. we really have to enjoy our life,even if it is not what we want. it is a sign that we must go for the better and achieve our goals

3. i was ill several days ago. but I didn't feel very bad,i had sore throat and stuffy nose

4. no, I didn't

5. yes,i did. I didn't go to school because i was a little ill and because now it's corona time

6. I didn't go to the doctor

7. I recovered in 4 days

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