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Nov 22, 2020

посчитайте написать сочинение на тему Мое хобби каким спортом я занималась в 8 лет и каким сейчас спортом занимаешься я занималась плаванием с абзацами на английском нужны слова ,грамматика past simple, past continuous, present simple, present continuous​


: When a person feels comfortable in any setting, people say about him that he takes to it like a duck to water. Precisely these feelings I have when I bathe in a swimming pool or in any other water body. I literally take it like a duck or a fish because I can swim fast and dive excellently. The first successes in this area, I started to do in infancy, when my parents took me to the sports complex to try the so-called swimming for babies. I was just one year of age, when together with my mother, under the leadership of a careful coach, I learned to dive into a warm bath. Contrary to the expectations of my parents, I was not scared and did not start to cry, but, on the contrary, I enthusiastically waved my hands and plashed with my palms through water. Later, when I entered the school, I had no doubt about the choice of a sports section: of course, I registered for swimming. At these classes, I was taught to swim in different styles. They were the classic crawl, the breaststroke, as well as its speed variation the butterfly stroke, and, of course, the backstroke. In addition, I now know how to properly jump into the water from a springboard or from the height of five-meter high-board, and can even run a few simple acrobatic actions while such a flight. Athletes from my section regularly participate in various competitions, where they often win prizes. The last time I even won a first-place medal at the 50 meters freestyle held among swimmers of our city. In addition to the fact that swimming classes bring me great pleasure, they are also very good for my health. Now I keep healthy, always feel cheerful, full of strength and energy. They help me in my schooling and in my daily life, so I am happy that I have such an interesting and healthy hobby.

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