Образование Английский язык
Jun 29, 2019

Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.
1. Harry (d) has done the housework.
2. Kate and bill (find) .... a new flat.
3. Nick (send) .... an email.
4. I (decide) ..... to learn Japance.
5. Sam and Dave (eat) .... all the sandwiches
6. Carlos (buy) .... a dog.
7. Maria and Helen (start) .... at a new school.
8. Frances (break) ... her cup.
9. I (lose) ... my umbrella.
10. Max (take) ... the dog for a walk.

2.have found
3/has sent
4/have decided
5/have eaten
6/has bought
7/have started
8/has broken
9/have lost
10/has taken
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