Упражнениe 2. Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple 1. My wife normally __________ (work) at home, but she __________ (spend) this month in Italy. 2. Most days, Tom usually__________ (cycle) to work. 3. When________ the lesson __________ (start) today? 4. What’s your brother doing? He __________ (do) the crossword in the newspaper He __________ (do) it every day. 5. I’m afraid I’ll lose this game of chess. I__________ (play) very badly. I usually ______much better (play). 6. What’s she doing? — She __________ (mend) her husband’s socks. She always__________ them. (mend) 7. Yes, you can borrow my dictionary. I __________ (use) it a lot, but I __________ (not / use) it now. 8. We __________ (not travel) by train very often. 9. She ______________ (be) particularly generous this week. 10. It _____________ (snow) right now. It’s beautiful! I ____________ (like) this weather.

1. Works... Is spending
3. Does.... Statrts
4.is doing... does it every day .
5.I am playing..... play
6 Is mending .... mends them
7.use..... using it now
8.dont travel by
10.is snowing... I like this weather
Works, is spending,cycles,is starting,is doing,does,am playing,play,is mending,use,am not using,dont travel,is,snowing,like ( все по порядку )
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