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Rewrite sentences in the Passive voice: I) They often ask him about it. 2) Somebody took my diary from the table. 3) They'll explain everything the day after tomorrow 4) Somebody has already eaten all the apples. 5) They gave the child a new toy.
6) Somebody announced the bad news to her family.
7) They haven't mentioned this fact to us. 8) They are repeating this phrase at the moment 9) They will describe the picture to us tomorrow.

I) He is often asked about it.
2) My diary
was taken from the table.
3) Everything
will be explained the day after tomorrow
4) All the apples
have already been eaten.
5) a)
The child was given a new toy. b) A new toy was given to the child.
 6) The bad news
was announced to her family.
7) This fact
hasnt been mentioned to us.
8) This phrase is being
repeated at the moment.
9) The picture
will be described to us tomorrow.
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