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Listening Task 1 Listen and fill in the gaps with NO MORE than THREE WORDS. The speaker enjoys the news about his favorite I. His favorite film genres are blockbusters, 2. independent films movies from the 50s, and He has recently become interested in 3 movies He became amazed by the film's 4 Modern movies create special effects by using 5. EEEE graphics [5] Reading Task. Read the text and complete the tasks Nichole's Summer Vacation Every summer Nichole goes to the countryside for a month. She stays at her uncle's farm, which is located at a spectacular place and helps him. She works very hard but she likes it because she loves to spend time with her cousin Macy Nichole and Macy always have a great time together They climb trees, pick fruits and flowers, and go to the local lake. They love being outdoors as there are a variety of species of birds and animals. They also love playing in the ruins of an old temple, which is very dangerous, but they enjoy imagining that they are adventurers looking for some exciting experience. Macy and Nichole come back home before dark and then get ready for dinner After dinner, they go out and feed the animals. Before they go to bed they watch TV for a little bit or read books about thrilling adventures of Tin-Tin They are always very tired at the end of the day that is why they usually fall asleep watching TV or reading. Task 1. Find synonyms of the following words in the text and write them in front of each word I to collect - 2 ancient - old E SE 3 exciting ВЛЕТНДЕР БАРМААА ЕРТЕН ТАПСЫРААМ КЕРЕЕК ТЖБДААН ПЖЖ КӨМЕЕК​

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