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НУЖНА ПОМОЩЬ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ДАЮ 25 поинтов 1 Choose the correct option. 1 The course was really not very interesting. I learned a lot. 2 Our guide wasn't quite / very patient. I think she was bored. 3 The college is quite / very expensive. Only rich peoplego there. 4 The weather was really/quite awful. It rained everyday. 5 The film was OK Yeah. It was quite / really good, butnot great. 6. Some people on the trip weren't really/ very happywith the hotel. 7 My flat is nice, but it's not very/quite big8 The house isn't very quite clean at the moment. We had a party yesterday. 2 Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the word in brackets. 1 The weather yesterday was a lot. than today -(warm)2 This exercise is. one. -(difficult) than the last3 Paris is. (romantic) than any other city. 4 Tomorrow, we're catching the train at seven. We need to get up. (early) than normal. 5 Ivan's(good) at English than his brother. 6 You need to be. money. (careful) with your7 The weather is - (bad) today. 8 Hilltown is (far) from here than I thought.

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